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The TimeSaver® anvil covers are the best and most reliable covers you can get!

Accuracy is the magic word…

You can get the best out of your die-cut anvil covering by using it properly. CUE Europe also has covers available, two times wider than mainstream industry standards; they can be rotated faster. The TimeSaver® anvil cover features an unique solid steel back construction, finished by a patented process that welds the steel locking bar and steel corner for an exact fit that will ensure optimal production accuracy. This essential difference in reliability ensures seamless installation and a perfect cutting surface. Accuracy is what it is all about!


CUE Europe, the sustainability expert


Unique solid steel lock bar


Solid steel backing for consistent die-cut precision


High Quality Polyurethane


Dual-Width Design Available

The advantages:

  • NSolid steel backing for consistent die-cut precision
  • NSolid steel lock bar eliminates cover ‘soft spots’
  • NFewer seams across cylinder delivers higher quality cuts
  • NChemically engineered longest lasting urethane
  • N100% MOCA free thus better for your health

TIMESAVER® benefits for rotary die cutting make it the best anvil cover in the market


C.U.E.’s TIMESAVER Anvil Covers are, by design, the premier urethane cover available for the Corrugated Industry to improve productivity and die-cut quality on rotary die cutting equipment. 

Reduced Die-Cutter Downtime

TIMESAVER’s unique solid steel lock bar and exclusive pry bar tool allow for the industry’s fastest anvil cover installation and rotation times. This equates to less costly die-cutter downtime.

Maximized Anvil Cover Life

TIMESAVER’s drastically reduced rotation time allows for more frequent cover rotations, maximizing cover life. C.U.E.’s proprietary urethane formulation is engineered to withstand even the harshest die cutting applications.

Dual-Width Design Available

Dual-Width TIMESAVERs are twice as wide as standard anvil covers. This design reduces the number of seams across the cylinder for improved cut quality. Installation and rotation time is cut in half with Dual-Width TIMESAVERs. 

Manufactured to Precise OEM Specifications

All TIMESAVER® anvil covers are produced to exact original equipment manufacturers’ specifications guaranteeing precise fit and performance from every anvil cover.



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