What is Moca

In the year 2004, the European Committee published a directive (2004/37/EC) on the protection of employees against the risks of exposure to carcinogene or mutagene agens at work. This directive has been tightened in 2017 (2017/2389) in order to work to a point where the use of these agens will be prohibited.

MOCA (that has been labeled as carcinogenic according to these guidelines) is primarily used as a hardener for polyurethane prepolymers in the manufacture of castable urethane rubber products such as anvil covers. Most producers work with a TDI system that uses MOCA as a curative.

Since we started the production of anvil covers in 1965, we have always used a different system called MDI that does NOT USE MOCA as a curative.

That’s why we can claim to be the only producer of anvil covers in the world, that offers their products 100% free of the chemical substrate MOCA.

This is why we are able to offer you optimal health protection when using CUE Europe’s Timesaver and EZ Lock.

For more information check directive 2004/37/EC or directive 2017/2398

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