What is Moca

In the year 2004, the European Committee published a directive (2004/37/EC) on the protection of employees against the risks of exposure to carcinogene or mutagene agens at work. This directive has been tightened in 2017 (2017/2389) in order to work to a point where the use of these agens will be prohibited.

MOCA (that has been labeled as carcinogenic according to these guidelines) is primarily used as a hardener for polyurethane prepolymers in the manufacture of castable urethane rubber products such as anvil covers. Most producers work with a TDI system that uses MOCA as a curative.

Since we started the production of anvil covers in 1965, we have always used a different system called MDI that does NOT USE MOCA as a curative.

That’s why we can claim to be the only producer of anvil covers in the world, that offers their products 100% free of the chemical substrate MOCA.

For more information check directive 2004/37/EC or directive 2017/2398



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